Rosevale Jackaroo J566 (P)

Exciting young sire whose first sons sold in 2017. Eye-catching balance that makes his progeny stand out in the mob. Sire of Majestic M176(P) – Grand Champion Bull 2017 Santa Gertrudis National Junior Show. High growth, extra finishing ability and… Read more »

Rosevale Majestic M176 (P)

Rosevale Jethro J208 (PS)

New season sire who is breeding super consistently. Over 20 sons classified ‘S’ in one drop. Graded up from Brahman base with extra finishing ability. Reproductive soundness and trim sheath are features. Balanced performance across all traits.

Rosevale Maverick M102 (P)

Wightfields Downpour G21 (P)

High Performance with growth and muscle expression being features in his progeny. His daughters are breeding well. In last two years,42 sons sold at Rosevale Sales to a top of $70,000 and averaged $11,916.

Kuloomba Peter (P)

Exciting new outcross sire Purchased at Tamworth Sale for $57,000 – second top price Santa Gertrudis bull in 2016 Extreme raw performance, weighing over 1000kg as a two-year old. Superior carcase – muscle expression and fattening ability on a super… Read more »

Rosevale Empire E464

Fertility King – breed-leading female fertility data and semen morphology results in his sons. Super sound at nine years of age. Breed leader Export $Index due to high growth and fertility. 42 sons have sold to top of $18,000 at… Read more »

Rosevale Major L520 (P)

Combines two of the breed’s heavyweights – Wave Hill Major (P) and Rosevale Jade D175 (dam of King K88). High performance across all traits resulting in a profitability Export $Index to take our herd into the future. His first calves… Read more »

Rosevale Lacoste L252

A combination of two of our most proven, high fertility animals and backs this up with high % Normal semen morphology and pregnancy results. Working in his third mating season at only 30 months of age. His first calves are… Read more »

Rosevale Mango M204 (P)

Rosevale Moses M184 (P)

Rosevale Minister M120 (PP)