Flight Time

An animal’s flight time is an electronic measure of the time taken for an animal to cover a small distance after leaving the crush. This measurement was developed during research carried out by the CRC for Cattle and Beef Quality. The Beef CRC found that animals with a short flight time leave the crush faster and have poorer temperament than animals with a long flight time.

At Rosevale we have measured the flight time of our weaners for the past four years. We agree with the findings of the Beef CRC and have used these measurements in combination with our judgement to cull animals based on temperament.

Interpreting the results

Flight time measurements taken on our yearling bulls back in November, 2006 ranged from 0.61 seconds to 3.08 seconds. There is a big difference in temperament between a measurement of 0.60 seconds and 0.90 seconds with the latter often being the quieter.

In the future, EBVs for flight time will be of more use than the raw figures because they will take environmental factors and measurements of relatives into account.