At Rosevale, more emphasis is placed on performance than fads and fancies with the main aim being to create a highly productive herd that performs at a high level regardless of seasonal conditions.

The typical Rosevale animal is very versatile as far as its ability to perform in a wide range of environments and its ability to meet varying market specifications.

In order to achieve this, sires used in the Rosevale herd are selected because they combine reproductive and structural soundness with a quiet temperament and balanced performance across all measurable traits. Sires are complementary mated to females so that the resulting calf crop is a consistent one across the whole herd.

Serving capacity testing of our sires as long ago as the early 1990’s made us realise the importance of clean underlines in efficient-serving bulls. Clean sheaths is a trademark of the current Rosevale herd and all sires used are selected to improve this trait.

The performance of all sires used at Rosevale is scrutinised continually. All calves have pedigrees and are fully performance recorded in large contemporary groups.

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